About Us

Nudatech is a sole trader business based in London, UK.

Founded at the end of 2012 by young entrepreneur, game and web developer Davide Coppola. The company is dedicated to to provide electronic components to makers, hobbyists, academics, students, engineers and anyone with a passion for electronics and tinkering.

Nudatech is Official Arduino distributor for the UK and strongly focused on Arduino and Raspberry Pi products and related components.

Our mission is to give a "breath of fresh air" to an old and static industry. In order to achieve that we've spent and we're going to spend a lot of work on a modern and dynamic website and we're going to interact with the community of tinkerers, hackers, hobbysts and makers in many different ways, both online and in the real life.

We have passion in what we do and we love to deal with people which share our same passion offering them the best products at the most convenient prices in a friendly environment.